Like most busy people these days getting weight off can't come fast enough! After having her third son, Jessica discovered a three step process that allowed her to quickly lose 80 lbs in a two month time period, allowing her to fit into the dress she desired for a friends wedding, shortly after.

Jessica Chandler Before & After
Jessica Chandler

"After stressing out to fit into a dress for a wedding after having my third son, I discovered this process and started treating myself. After seeing the success of my resutls, I decided to share this secret with the world!"

- Jessica Chandler, Founder & CEO

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How Does Infrared Lipo Treatments Work?

Step 1: Infrared Lipo Treatment

Uses infrared light, red light therapy and heat to help naturally slim, shape and tone.

Step 2: Firming Cellulite Massage

Smoothes the skin, fights cellulite, and tightens skin.

Step 3: Lymphatic Drainage Stimulation + Vibration

Just 10 minutes on the Vibration Plate is equivalent to 60 minutes of exercise.

With our non-invasive infrared lipo treatments you can say no to pain, needles, recovery time and side effects. Results may vary per client, which is why we recommend an 8 session package to see optimum results; however you can receive a One-Time Session for $49 and see just how powerful Infared Laser Lipo is.

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